World Heritage Sites in Karnataka
Group of Monuments at Hampi, Hospet Taluk, Bellary District, Karnataka, India.
Date of Inscription: 1986
Criteria: (i)(iii)(iv)
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Read more about the current research works and recent findings about Ancient City of Victory(Vijayanagar), at my sincere and great thanks to Dr.John M. Fritz and Dr.George Michell who are ever inspiring by their works, photographs and explanation, I always get lost reading about Hampi and its glory. Visiting Hampi each time is a visual retreat and engineering marvel w.r.t building construction, hydraulics, surveying, etc., etc.,
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Click here for a photographic journey thru Hampi taken during May Expedition 2009 by Vijayanand Gurudev

For further reading, please refer the below books

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Hampi a Medieval Metropolis
By S.Settar
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