How To View this Site
This site consists of several sections on temples and we felt there is need for a "Help" page which will basically help the visitor to get familiarized with the contents and features available on this site.
  • How to find a temple ?
  • Where to locate a temple and reach there ?
  • Which temple belongs to which period ?
  • What is the best time to visit ?
  • What are the near by places to visit apart from a particular temple ?
  • What are the architectural details to be kept in mind while visiting the temple ?
    etc., are the few basic questions which would arise when you start planning your itinerary. We are trying to answer your questions and hopefully you can use the website in a much better way.
  • How to find a temple ? Get onto the Search Link and type the name of the temple you are interested to find, this will list a set of temple/s based on search result and you could then click on the name of the temple to get redirected to that page. In case you don't find your temple, either re-search or refine your query.
    Description of templeThis section briefly gives an overview of the temple details, dieties present inside, architectural details, etc., The explanation is written in such a way that, as we take the Pradakshina, what ever is seen is documented and presented as is. The photo of the temple with the direction in which is taken is mentioned.
    Is the temple Protected Monument ?This question is answered under Protected Monument Section, where one can get more information about the law and act under which it is protected.
    Historical details
    Who built the temple?
    When was it built?
    What architecture is used?
    Under this section, you will get information such as Period of construction, under which King it was constructed, the style of architecture engaged in construction, orientation of the temple, is there any Pedestal or any other striking feature, number of Kutas(Gopura/Vimana) present.
    How to find it on Map?You can find a small Google Map embeded into the webpage with a pointer marking the exact location of the temple. Also other Cartographic details such as District, Taluk, Hobli, Village and name of the Place is given along with Latitude, Longitude and Elevation in Meters above mean sea level.
    How to reach the temple?
    Driving Directions ?
    The next section is the description about various Routes available to reach the temple from various locations, in common the route connection Bangalore is given along with how to reach the same from respective District Headquarters.

    Also the driving directions with approximately kilometers is given. One can also find alternative transport systems available in reaching this place either by Rail or Air network.
    What are the other places to visit ?The next section "Near By Places" gives you a list of temples within a vicinity of 30 kms (aerial distance), so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

    By clicking on the name of the temples, one can visit the pages belonging to the temple.
    How to find temples in a District ?Suppose you are planning to visit a district then, click on District Map
    How to visit Temple GalleryIf you are just browsing for looking at various temples, it would be strongly advisable to click on the Temple Gallery to browse thur various temples, by again clicking on the name of the temple, you can get more information.

    Please Note : Only 10 temples are displayed in each page for faster loading and quicker response time. It is strongly advisable to Search find a temple using a District Map.
    How to find temples by a particular Architecture School ?Click on Time Line of Temple Construction to find out more about each dynasty and what they contributed in each temple.
    How to find a temple built within a specific period?Click on the Time Line and you can find list of temples with ascending chronological orders. There are some temples for which still the date of construction is yet to either found from records or not available for which we have marked it as "To Be Determined".
    Route Planner - How to make use of this featureClick on the Route Plannerand by default it will open up the Mysore District and display all possible routes you can take starting from Mysore and visit these temples. Each route is carefully selected so that in one day you can comfortably cover these magnificent temples and make the best use of your time. If you are willing to choose other district as origin, please click any district available on the table above.