About Us
TemplesofKarnataka.com is a non profit based website aiming at providing information to the public who are interested in touring these wonderful temples of Karnataka. The scope of this website is limited to the study of temples constructed in the present day, State of Karnataka which is an integral part of Republic of India.

The timeline selected here dates from 550 AD to 1800 AD and ranges across temples built under dynasties who ruled Karnataka such as Kadamba, Ganga, Early Calukya, Rashtrakuta, Later Calukya, Hoysala, Vijayanagara, Nayakas, Wodeyars, Palegaras, etc.,

An effort has been made to give as much information as possible about the temple which includes a brief history, time of construction, people involved in construction or later renovation / structural additions,etc., along with the Cartographic details such as how to approach the temple site.

Also an effort is being undertaken in carefully catalogueing the temples based on the school of architecture they belong to and the dynasty under which they were patronized.

The main aim of the website is centralized at creating interest in these temples and spreading awareness in protecting the monuments for further generations to come and enlighten more about the rich heritage of India.

To know more about how to use this website effectively please refer to the How to page where you will be guided to use all the features.

Please Note : Since this website is a non-profit based one, the data gathering and information publishing including photographs happens to be at a slow pace, as the author of this website has to take out time during the vacation/weekends and travel to these places atleast once. So please keep visiting quite often to find new entries.

A provision of sending email notification about an addition of temple would be done shortly, so that you can visit the site once its updated.